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Pet Rings

First Step: Send us your Pets photo to
Please include your ring size and a personal description of your pets "charm" point (for example, "her nose is black" or "the curly hair on the side of her ears is the cutest" or "her eyes are wide apart")

Example of a good photo

Before you send your photo make sure that you can clearly make out your pets facial pattern and paws

Example of a bad pet photo

In a bad photo it will be difficult for us to create a ring of your pet because we cant see the face clearly.

'Boomer' ring (adjustable size 9)  Sold Out

Second Step: Chamu will design and make your ring in sterling silver to match your pets description and specified size..

Each ring is custom hand made individually so please allow 1-3months for delivery. Let us know if you are in a hurry.

"Chibi" Ring Sold Out

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